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So you're planning your wedding! How exciting! I'm so glad you've found me!  By now you've probably googled Fun weddings or fun celebrants and lucky you did because it led you here.

I'm here to help you create the wedding ceremony you've always dreamed of - with all of the love and none of the bullshit that gets attached to weddings. 

So, who am I? Well.... I'm Erin Lovell (yep, even got the right name for the job) and I am the face and brains behind Eternal Love Celebrancy. I'm a fun loving, easy going, professional Marriage Celebrant, aka party starter aka professional third wheel, based in the Northern Suburbs of Perth, WA, but will travel far and wide to celebrate some love.  

I love nothing more than to have a chat and get to know you and that special human you have chosen to spend your life with.  I get to know you, learn all the nitty gritty terrific details and then I turn your love story into an epic tale that I get to share with all of your nearest and dearest.  I make it my mission to give you a totally killer ceremony that reflects your incredible personality and that will do your love justice.


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My main ethos here is No Bullshit, Just Love.
At the end of the day, your wedding is all about you and what you want! It's not about making everyone else happy.  So why not cut to the chase and focus on what is truly important to you as a couple. There really are no rules!  Okay, so there is a couple of rules, but otherwise we can work together to set up the perfect vibe and deliver the best damn ceremony you've ever seen.  You want it intimate and super romantic? Done! You want guest interaction and loads of laughs? Done! You want to dress up as Ninja Turtles? Well, Cowabunga dudes!  I'll be your splinter! Let's just have a blast and make this a day you'll never forget. So if you're keen to catch up for your drink of choice, hit me up in the contact form below or give me a yell at 0488 242 624.   
Big Love
Erin xx


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